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About Us

Camellia's Story

Camillya Masunda

Camillya is a mother, sister, auntie and friend and wellness advocate. The name Camellias Organics was inspired by her name given to her by her mother and grandmother.

Camillya’s mother and grandmother saw the flower while walking in the hospital, a nurse told them the name and it was a unanimous vote, both the name and the beautiful flower befitting the new baby girl. 

They both had no idea that Camellia Sinenis, the flower they named their daughter after also had healing powers through its many natural health benefits such as teas and oils, all things that Camillya found out through her research; on a quest to help her grandmother who experienced traumatic health issues and was never given the option of anything but over the counter prescription drugs.

While watching and experiencing the loss of her beloved grandmother and other elders in her family, Camillya set out on a quest to learn the benefits of alternative healing methods.

She discovered the benefits of CBD and plants such as the Camellia Sinenis and the benefits they hold and began researching brands.

What she found was troubling; only one of the seven largest CBD oil brands were giving people the desired amounts that they required. Subsequently the more research she did, it became apparent that the CBD oil industry and the wellness industry need a equal playing field meaning everyone should know about alternative options and should have the option
readily available.

Currently there is minimal government oversight and a huge variety of ineffective extraction and delivery methods. As Camillya’s frustration grew, she set out on a mission of creating a products people could trust. So, she found her team and together they set out to create the purest, most bioavailable broad-spectrum hemp oil and products on the market.

The mission to provide a high-quality, effective, and reliable family of CBD products with customer care to match is why Camellias Organics exists today.

Driven by their vision

Inspiration From Our Ancestors

In the 1930s pharmacist and civil rights activist Dr. William Byron Rumford (1908-1986) was hired as the first black professional at Oakland’s Highland Hospital. In 1942 he purchased a pharmacy in Berkeley and, after constructing this building, launched Rumford’s Pharmacy here in 1951.

Rumford became the first African-American elected in Northern California to the State legislature in 1948. He authored major civil rights legislative measures including the Fair Employment Practices Act of 1959 and the Rumford Fair Housing Act of 1963. His legislative work paved the way for the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1968.

When not in the legislature Rumford was here, in his pharmacy. It became a key hub for African-Americans involved in civic matters, serving as informal headquarters for many emerging black politicians. Rumford retired in 1981. After his death his family agreed this building would become a non-profit community health clinic. In 2016 Rumford’s life and legacy were memorialized with a nearby sculpture.